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UNIMOUNT MINI - Mount Your Tablet Above Your Laptop

UNIMOUNT MINI - Mount Your Tablet Above Your Laptop



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  • Balanced

    The base uses the weight of the base of your laptop to hold a second screen above—no weight on laptop screen

  • Upgradeable

    Don't be locked into this year's tablet or portable monitor. You can always attach a different second screen

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UNIMOUNT MINI is the smallest version of UNIMOUNT. It maximizes portability, while still allowing you to have a dual screen setup.

🏗️ BYOS - Mount you own tablet or portable monitor

⛰ Fits underneath laptop—no weight on laptop display or tablet screen

🗼 Completely height adjustable

🧘 Keep good neck posture with second screen above your laptop

🛡️ Metal parts with 3D printed base. Sturdy and lightweight

🪜 Locking hinge allows for quick folding

📺 Fits any tablet or second monitor between 5 inches and 10 inches wide

🔌 Second monitor or tablet ports are not blocked

🎒 Designed for traveling, folds quickly to the footprint of a water bottle

⛽️ Printed strong with PETG